So, I decided to keep a blog. I am slightly conflicted though as I don’t know why anyone would want to read about what I have been up to and frankly, these things often seem a bit sycophantic. But I thought about what I read and why I enjoy seeing what other musicians are up to, picking up tips, tricks and ideas along the way. I also found that there was no single point for reviewing all that I am doing musically as each project has its own social media and internet presence which does not always link to me.

I had better start by outlining some aims:

to catalogue the many and disparate sonic projects that I am working on.

to show how I juggle those different projects (whether successfully or otherwise).

provide links and likes to my own and others work in a similar field.

share my experience (success and failures).

promote discussion and engagement from fellow artists.


As anyone who knows me can vouch, I am a shy and retiring type and self-promotion is an alien concept and one that I am struggling with to try and improve. I will give this blogging a go for a while and see what transpires. Comments and discussion encouraged.

To start this all off, over my first few posts I will outline my current projects and some background and provide an example of the sonic material produced by each.

My longest sonic project has been that of songwriter. I used to write just for myself and the songs were never performed or indeed rarely heard by anyone else. I played piano and rhythm guitar so wrote all my songs using one of those. I had always wanted to learn the bass guitar so in 2011 I started taking lessons and my eldest son tagged along too and started on electric guitar.

My song writing took a dramatic change in 2014 as a result of doing FAWM (February Album Writing Month). The fantastic support and community feel of the online project gave me confidence and I started singing more. I have since written for the rock band that my son and I play in but still write far more songs than can be performed by them. I probably write 30+ songs a year, some of which would not fit the style of the rock band so I am thinking about how I might get those performed. I have written in the past for other singers and would love to give that more traction. I might try going out as a duo with my son and play the things that don’t fit with the band.


Song writing and performing is going to be a focus in 2017 so we shall see where this takes us.


Next time: the birth of ‘The Ask’