Early May Bank holiday I had my first experience of visiting an open house art and craft event. I had not heard of these before and it was through a friend on Facebook that I found the invite. Green Walk Arts and Crafts open house in Manchester is an amazing event that has been running for 11 years. Apparently it all came about as a way of the residents raising money to fund upkeep and repair to their shared cul-de-sac road that it not owned by the council. This year 10 houses opened their doors to visiting artists and creatives to exhibit their work and welcomed the public in to view and hopeful purchase items. On the Green there were stalls and music and a general feeling of warmth and community.


It was an odd experience going in to the first house, not knowing anybody and feeling very self-conscious. This soon changed as everyone we met was so welcoming and the standard of art was superb. We finally managed to see the glasswork of our friend Ian Chadwick having only seen photos on Facebook so far, and it was stunning. We had lovely chats with a few of the other artist and I am hopeful that some collaboration may develop. We don’t get out much and we were in 2 minds as to whether to make the 1-hour drive but we were so glad that we did.

The whole experience made us feel rejuvenated and emotionally fulfilled. There was a real community feel to the whole event and everyone had an aura of calm about them, it all felt rather spiritual and not something we were anticipating at all. In a troubled world where we get bombarded with death, misery, and the evil of mankind it was such a revelation to find an oasis of calm in Green Walk.

I can’t wait to seek out another event to see if it too can capture the magic.

(Footnote: This is the outcome of the first collaboration with the digital artist Shanali Perera https://youtu.be/XKvViMQmL40  )