I have been particularly prolific in the last few weeks generating a lot of new tunes. It usually takes a while to get ideas recorded as I need peace and quiet in the house to record vocals; just so happens I managed to find some slots during my recent week off work. This coincided with me having a flourish of songwriting ideas that resulted in about a dozen songs in 10 days.

imag0890.jpgI have written songs for the folk band, a few rock tracks for The Ask, some solo acoustic songs and even a few solo tracks for one of the singers who performs as our support act. Mixed in amongst that lot I have also written a Volume 2 album based around the Korg Volca range of instruments under my experimental banner. It seems that a burst of activity in one area also sparked ideas in other areas and the whole thing snowballed.

The one thing that I still have not managed to do is perform acoustic with my son. I have been meaning to polish some songs and do an open mic or 2 but I am procrastinating! Fear is getting the better of me I think, I need to find some courage and just get on with it, certainly no shortage of material!