I am always fascinated by the methods used by songwriters in the process of making a new tune. For a number of years now I have been listening to the amazing ‘Sodajerker on song writing podcast’ made by the Sodajerker song writing duo Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor. They have interviewed a fantastic array of song writers and there is something comforting about hearing the trials and tribulations that even the very best in the world endure when trying to write a song.

It is even better when I can relate to the methods and processes used. A common theme seems to be the thought that the songs are gifts, that they come out of the ether ready for us to capture them and then release them into the world. I often don’t know where the ideas or songs I write come from and share the notion that I merely act as a conduit to get the songs out.

If you are at all interested in song writing I would thoroughly recommend that you head over to Sodajerker and listen to a few of the podcasts, they are very entertaining and will provide you with hours of listening pleasure. Link https://www.sodajerker.com/podcast/

The guys at Sodajerker interview some of the most famous song writers in the world and it got me thinking about the local scene of writers and whether it would be interesting to hear about their process. For those that are in a band it would also be useful to find out about how they work together learning material and the process of getting gigs etc. And so the idea for …..The Ask Interviews was born. The intention is that the first episode will be broadcast in January 2018 with the plan to release one each month during the year. A page will be added to our band website and all the episodes can be found there.

I am pleased to announce that I wrote a Christmas song and it has been placed on a charity album. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Carecent: a charity who help homeless and vulnerable people. Please check out the album and support the great cause if you can. http://diyxmascomplation.bandcamp.com/album/diy-charity-xmas-album

I also have an album that was inspired by a collection of artworks by Simon Botterill and a couple of these pictures are appearing in the Harris Open Exhibition in Preston during December and January. For the period of the exhibition I have made the album available as ‘pay what you want’ with all proceeds going to the Samaritans. Check out the album here http://julesbryant.bandcamp.com/album/skybluepink

Happy Christmas one and all.The Ask Interviews