I have been working on an idea for a project that would take over a year to pull together. I am interested in found sounds and have used them in various ways within my work. I am particularly interested in location and its relationship to sound over time. I was looking back thorough a number of photos I have taken and found one of a bench next to the River Ribble in Preston which also sits on the guild wheel cycle path around Preston. This started me thinking about how the sounds and images would change over time in that location and whether I could make a piece of art based on the material. This then evolved into whether I could do a series of pieces based on different locations throughout the year.

My current plan consists of 2 variations:

I will record a 3:45 minute segment every 4 weeks at the location in Preston.

I will record a random 7 secs segment everyday irrespective of location.

After 1 year I will then work to turn these 2 sound collections into pieces of art.

I have never done an extended piece like this before and it is going to require a degree of commitment. I am also acutely aware that I have no idea what the final pieces will be or how I will use the found sounds. I trust that something will become apparent once I hear the sounds and will be able to come up with something meaningful. I am going to try and catalogue the sounds in such a way that enables me to determine when and where each was recorded. Again, this is something that I have not had to do before and my record keeping and file management could be considered rather haphazard up ‘til now. Perhaps this little exercise will do me good, or I could come to hate it after a little time of being regimented into collecting sounds at certain times and places.

Will shall see…………….IMG_2138