Our 5 piece rock pop and blues band, The Ask, have been told by a few venues recently that we sound great but would not fit in their venue so this got me thinking as to how we could address this. I have enjoyed playing acoustically a couple of times in the past and this was something that I would like to do more of. Coincidentally, 2 of the band are not overly keen on the acoustic set-up so this gave us the option of performing as a 3 piece acoustic outfit. I broached the subject with all the band members and it seemed like a goer.

Nothing happened for a few weeks as with most things, the routine gets in the way. This week though we decided to make an effort and meet to try out the trio and see if it is going to work (at the same time I had made an approach to a small venue locally to see if they were interested in booking us which they did so this had better work!).

So, 2 guitarists, me on bass and singing and we tried out the same set that we are going to play with the rock band in a week to see how many of them would work. What we discovered was that all the tunes sound different but still great acoustically, phew. So we now 13 tunes and are going to meet next week to work through another set. We also have some great ideas for new tunes that we don’t do with the full band which will give us something new to work towards.

I find singing with acoustic backing quite a liberating experience, my voice sounds different and I am more focused on the tone and balancing the sound into the overall performance. It all just sounds different, in a good way and I am really enjoying it.

The next things to sort out are all the social media type stuff. We decided to stick with The Ask branding as it makes many things easier (such as website hosting) without the need to come up with new stuff for a new band. I just tweaked the logo to include ‘Acoustic Trio’ and set to creating a page on the band website. I will need to get some promo shots and recordings done so we can direct people to them if they want to book us rather than listening to the full band which could be confusing.

Exciting times and it should open up a whole raft of new venues that were previously off limits, it is also great to be hearing all our tunes in a totally new format. To support this new venture we also purchased a new bass…..new toys!