I had promised at the end of the last blog to comment on how my search for gigs and open mic attempts had gone. Well you won’t be surprised to know that I have made little progress in this area. I have had the occasional practice on the acoustic but I do feel I need to be more polished before hitting an open mic.

As far as the gig search goes, I came up with the idea of sending a business card with a personal note to each of the venues we played in 2017, thanking them for booking us and letting them know we have opened our 2018 diary. I have sent them off today so we shall see if we get any replies. I have a list of venues I want to visit and have an online spreadsheet that any of the band can use to state who has visited and the outcome so that we can keep co-ordinated. Current plan is that I am off work next Friday and will visit as many venues as I can on that day. (you never know, it might happen!).

The biggest development over the last few weeks has been in the music for both The Ask and KittyHawk. We now have midi clips prepared for a number of The Ask covers and originals and had our first practice at integrating them into our performance. They worked very well with Steve the guitarist triggering clips at the appropriate time. We are hoping that this added element plus a move to a new lighting set-up will enhance our show. I have also written an intro piece for the start of the gigs to give a bit of a build up prior to our first track. It’s still in early draft but looks promising. All we need now is a ‘Richard Burton’ type to do the speaking part of the intro and we will be good to go.

Kittyhawk now has a new list of covers more in a Rock/Folk area and we had a great run through with those last week. It will take a few rehearsals to get the arrangements nailed but this should bring a new dimension to our repertoire that will open up the possibility of doing gigs rather than just dances. We also had another crack at some of the original songs that I have written and they seemed to go down well too.

So…..a busy few weeks with various things happening, just struggling to find the time to put enough effort into all the different areas.

Oh, 2 other things I forgot to mention. I received the results for my MA in Music and got 87% overall which is a distinction so I am very pleased with that. I also managed to record a charity EP of a few of the songs I wrote as part of the MA research so that is out there too. Take a listen……….

the blue blues