The main thing that writing this blog is showing me is just how much time passes without me doing what I said I was going to do! So to start with, I have not yet ventured to the open mics which is slightly embarrassing to admit. Fear of the unknown and the wish to be as practiced as possible is preventing me from getting out there. I know that I will never be perfect no matter how long I wait so in my head I know I should just start and get out there but it is easier to do nothing. Perhaps if I attended an appropriate open mic purely with the intention of seeing how it works without the pressure of performing it would break the deadlock. Of course it might do the opposite and scare me off completely. Lets see what the next week brings.

With regards to getting gigs, the cards I sent out did not bring any calls and I still need to visit a few pubs, it is going to be a long slog so I just need to keep plugging away.

Main focus since the last blog has been getting the whole band in The Ask onto in-ear monitors. This has been achieved technically and we have been working on getting the sound right as removing the on stage amps and monitors changes everything. So far this is working well and we gave it the first outing on Saturday night which went really well.

Kittyhawk continues to work on the Rock/Folk tunes and these are starting to come together nicely. We have picked up an Xmas charity gig so we are aiming to have the material ready for that one. As soon as I get some recordings I will include them in a future blog.

Lastly, I was contacted by a 3rd fine art student to assist in a project. We have had an initial meeting and I have produced some draft sound clips for discussion. It is a really interesting project and great fun to be working with someone in a different specialism. I enjoy the challenge of working with someone else’s vision and adding my artistic ideas and interpretation to hopefully come up with an output that is greater than the sum of the parts. It is forcing me to use some tools and techniques that are not within my normal compositional process so that it great for my development too. Really excited to see where this one leads.

So, I may not have achieved everything I wanted to over the last few weeks but I think I have not done too badly.