The family went for a few days away in the Lake District recently. We are after somewhere remote where we could get away for it all and enjoy some countryside. We found a fantastic place on AirBnb and had 4 lovely days in High Greenrigg Cottage near Calbeck. We took a few guitars and some recording equipment….just in case.

The views were inspiring and I could happily of sat writing songs all day, but I think I would have been in trouble with the rest of the family. What I did manage was to capture some superb sounds whilst out walking, particularly the streams that we passed. There is something very evocative about a moving water and I captured a few videos at the same time that I hoped to use in future projects.

I finally got round to spending some time with the sounds and looking at what I might do with them. I decided that for my first piece I should leave the sound of the stream unaltered. It is such a rich sound that immediately transports you to the place of the sound source that I felt it should be used in its raw form. I hadn’t used Ableton for some time so I decided this would be a good opportunity to have a play with that and create a soundscape to fit over the stream sounds. I then combined that with the visuals of the sound source and this was the result.

The intention was that the piece should expose the grandeur of the landscape within which the stream is set. Although we can only see a small snap shot of the scenery in the video there is a sprawling vista that surrounds this and the large expanse of the soundscape tries to bring that to life.IMG_2278