Whilst I was doing my MA I was very good at trawling the lists of calls for work and making a big spreadsheet showing the closing dates and what I submitted. Since I finished my MA I have not really looked at the calls and have not submitted any pieces. This is just another area of my practice that I am struggling to keep up with. Everything seems to go in bursts of activity around one sector at the detriment of the others. Am I trying to do too many different things, should I concentrate on one thing? I like doing all the different elements of my practice and feel that it makes me a rounded artist but it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle everything.

15350570_1771120029806305_4305376531768850528_nMy hit rate was always pretty low with calls but it was important for developing my practice and my CV. I don’t have a game plan for my sound art and have not managed to work out how I can make it a worthwhile revenue stream. Clearly I can market the audio elements in the same way that I have been doing with the band music but I have not worked out how to monetize the audio/visual combined. I seem to fall between the cracks of a musician and a visual artist. This could be another area where networking with other artist/musicians would be helpful. I think I will look at being more active socially in the local scene.

I will rejuvenate my trawls of the calls for work in an effort to increasing my work rate in this area and to foster my continuing practice development. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has experience of success through the calls process.