Well I finished FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and managed to create 14 songs for the win which I am really pleased about. They are all rough demos but there is some good stuff in there that I can work with to create a few good arrangements and tracks that I may release via one of my projects. You can have a listen to the rough drafts here


A few weeks ago I met with a business incubation advisor at the university that provides support to their Alumni. As anyone who has read the previous blogs will be aware, coordinating all the different artistic streams has been a challenge and I wanted some advice and direction on getting a plan together and maximising what I have.

40+ hours work later and I have created business plans for the 5 separate business streams and an overarching business construct to hold the whole thing together with some key aims and objectives. I am a planner so this sort of thing is my comfort zone. The next stage, implementation, has always been more of a challenge. I do feel in a much more organised space though, having done the work,and can hopefully see a way to move everything forward.


There is loads of work to do but some very interesting and exciting ideas on the horizon. 2018 looks like being a very different year artistically.

Onwards and upwards.