I have not created any original sound art for months. February was taken up with focusing on FAWM and creating 14 new songs but that covers only 1 aspect of my art. Having a full time job whilst trying to work as an artist is a real pain. I realise that I am in the lucky position of having a regular income that keeps the family in the manner in which they have become accustomed but it comes at a price.

IMG_2558I don’t want to exist as a cog in the corporate wheel. Life is short and I am definitely closer to the end than the start of my journey. I get distressed if I think about what I would feel if today were to be my last day on the planet. There is so much I have not done, so much that I do just to exist rather than to enjoy life. It must be an age thing! At times I think that this is just the way things are and I should suck it up and make do and then I get a jolt that says, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I am taking small steps to try and address this situation but it is so painfully slow. The planning I did over the last few weeks shows just how much is required to get things moving in the right direction.

But these steps are taking up the precious time that I would want to be creating art. So what I am left with is spare time that I use to do organisational stuff at the detriment of the art.

I have cut out all social media other than that directly relating to my art. I have cut all TV watching except when it is ‘evening with my wife’ time. I am trying to maintain a balance between family time and work time but this is inevitably where the time conversion takes place, meaning less time spent doing family stuff to try and get some art time. My hope is that the actions I am taking over the next few months will set the groundwork for being able to make some serious changes in the next year or 2.

Time will tell.

If you have any great tips for freeing up time (managing social media updates etc) do let me know.