the ask monthly mix monthlyI have been looking at ways to increase the profile of the band in social media and trying to get better at using all the different platforms.

I have started scheduling regular posts using Hootsuite and although this is a simple tool to use I have found it unreliable in cross posting between platforms. I really was hoping that it would be a one-post shop but it is looking like scheduling on the native platforms is a better way to go (perhaps it works better if you pay for it?).

In an attempt to spread the word about he wonderful music being produced by local songwriters I have also started doing a monthly music mix in Spotify that features song writers from the North West of England. I am hoping that this will provide a welcome extra marketing push for the song writers and introduce the North West public to some great new music. It is early days on how to best market the playlist, I have done the usual posting on social media but I think there will be many options that I have not yet thought about. A whole new world of stuff to think about (and divert me away from the creative tasks….boo).

Anyway, here is a link to the playlist, do give it a listen and check the other music out from these great song-writers, and if you happen to be in the North West of England go and find them live at a venue near you.