The overriding theme through all of my blog posts has been one of time management. As I have so many different activities going on I always find that I focus on one area at the detriment to all others. I have tried portioning out my time a little better and have had a little success but still feel it is a real battle to find time to do everything I want to do.

One project that I have been wanting to get done for some time was a decent recording of a piece that I might release as a solo artist. I write a lot of material some of which does not fit with either of the bands I am in so it seemed the logical step to do some solo work. This tied in with the need for my son to do some recording work for a University project so we picked a tune and set to work. The piece we selected was the first one I had written for FAWM this year ‘Time to Talk’. I had a rough arrangement for the song but gave my son free reign to do want he wanted with it. We recorded a scratch track and then I put down a bassline.

After the percussion, rhythm and lead guitar lines had been added by Pip we then went for the vocals. Now…..we have a reasonable recording space at home and it is very convenient being able to record whenever we want rather than having to book studio time. The one time when things do get tricky though is when we want to do vocals. Pip decided that the bathroom was going to be the best recording space acoustically and he set up a couple of mics, one for my vocals direct and another to record the reverb in the room. I then put the vocals down and came up with some harmony lines and then it was over to Pip to finish the arrangement and do a mix.

I think the outcome is a pretty good recording (I am never happy with my vocals no matter how many times we do them!). I then decided that  a video was needed to go with the song and that I should see what could be done using just my iPhone and doing all the footage myself.

I took various shots using a selfie stick and tried some arty bits and pulled the whole thing together in iMovie. My knowledge of the tool is very limited but thanks to YouTube I have discovered loads of new features and I think the video didn’t come out too bad. If felt great to be doing some new things and pushing myself. I love learning new things and all the experience will be handy for doing videos for the bands.

This is an idea for the cover, but I have not decided what I will be calling myself as a solo artist so have not yet released the material. Once I do the release I will post a blog with links: time to talk cover

A busy time at the moment trying to get ‘The Ask  Interviews’ recorded, doing the monthly Spotify Playlist, The Ask and KittyHawk gigs and various holidays so squeezing in more new projects is going to be tough but I will keep at it.