I have released a new sound art album as Jules Bryant. One of my long term album projects is called ‘Vol Capsules’ which is based around the Korg Volca instruments. This was the 4th release in the album series and is very minimalist using just the Volca Bass instrument and 2 guitar pedals (Boss Looper RC-1 and TC Electronics Hall of Fame reverb). I wanted to really strip the whole sound back and focus on the harmonics produced by single notes and their fifth, so this piece uses just an E and a B (across a range of octaves to enhance the harmonic interactions).

I am never too sure what the pieces are going to be like once I start. I tend to get the equipment set up with a very rough idea of what I am trying to achieve and then start ‘fiddling’. This usually only takes 10-15mins until the sound I am after ‘shows itself’. Once I have settled on a shape and sound for the piece I set my DAW (in this case Reaper) to record and then start improvising the piece. 40mins later the piece was recorded in one take, just in time to pack away and get on with domestic stuff.

Later that weekend I set about releasing the track; checking the mix; rendering to a suitable format; designing a cover; uploading to Bandcamp and releasing. As I write this I realise that I have not added the necessary metadata to the track (I usually do this in iTunes ) I think there is such a large gap between me doing these jobs that I forget half of the processes that are required. I will have to go back to the source tracks and update the metadata and reload into Bandcamp.

 You can listen to the piece here: http://julesbryant.bandcamp.com/album/vol-4-capsulesVol 4 Capsules

I am really pleased with the effect and it sounds great on a really good set of headphones.

I am also trying to get together the pieces for a new release of the ‘A collection of Notes’ album. I have recorded 2 tracks so far and think they sound great, a few more to come over the coming weeks hopefully and then I will write all about it once it is released.

Squeezing things in when I can.