A few weeks ago i wrote about the birth of our acoustic setup for The Ask that we hope will allow to to play in some of the smaller venues that cant fit a 5 piece rock band. Well we have had a few rehearsals and have put together a set lists and things are coming together nicely. Our first gig not until september so we still have plenty of time to refine the arrangements and get this as tight as we can.

To support this new venture we managed to get some video work completed at a recent rehearsal. We have found that having a recording is important when trying to find gigs and the video gives people an even better idea of what they will get if they book us, so last week we finally got around to making some recordings. We set the practice up just as we would for a full gig, lights and all and played through part of the set filming it all on a static camera.

I then spent quite a bit of time editing the footage to give us a couple of videos one of which i have linked to below:

I know they are not perfect but on a strict budget (of zero) they are hopefully good enough. We shall have to wait and see how the next few months go. We do plan to play a couple of open mic nights just as a warm up and maybe  doing a little busking (which will be a blog post of its own if it happens).

Exciting times!