I have written both sound art and more traditional songs that explore and examine the issues around mental health. I am hoping to start performing the more traditional songs as a solo artist and am getting some of them recorded to support that endeavour. I posted the first one in a recent blog for the single ‘Time to Talk’. I now have a very stripped back version of another song called ‘Lost on the Water’.

I have chosen to keep this one with an arrangement of solo acoustic and vocal (with just a little lead guitar right at the end). This is the way i expect to deliver the songs so really want to hear how well they stand up on their own rather than being in a full band arrangement.

The material is challenging and it might not be appreciated in many entertainment situations but I am sure that there are opportunities to get this work out there and try to raise awareness of the issues. This may be an up hill struggle but I am very keen to use my art to higlight the issues in any way that I can.

You can listen to the track using the link below.


Lost on the water cover