I have asked myself a few times during the year why I am writing this blog. I don’t think anyone is reading it, I don’t think that anyone would care or be interested in my journey. But, it is good to be able to look back at the year and see what has happened.

I have never been one for writing a diary, never found the time or had the inclination, but this blog is handy and a useful overview of the year and it is surprising to see how long it has been going for.

I am ending the year having undergone some major changes musically in Oct/Nov and am hopefully clearly positioned for what 2019 will bring. I have seen quite a few local venues close or new management take over that no longer wish to put on live music. At the same time I have seen more and more live acts advertising and vying for the small number of gigs available.

That said, there is still a wide variety of acts available and the music scene continues to be lively and exciting in places.

My experimental music and in particular the work with The Blue Penguin Collective (TBPC) continues to evolve. I am in a planning phase with TBPC seeking out new opportunities and researching how best to move this activity forward. I hope to make changes in 2019 to bring this more to the publics’ attention.

I end the year confident that 2019 will look very different to 2018 and I am excited to see what the future holds.

Happy Christmas and a2 Happy New Year.