It is amazing how quickly things can change. In my last blog I wrote about the acoustic trio and that we had gigged for the first time. Turns out that setting up the acoustic outfit came at just the right time as big changes were about to happen in The Ask camp.

As I have written about in a couple of blogs previously, our drummer in The Ask never really seemed to accept me as the singer and tried on a couple of occasion to force a change in line up. The last time that it happened I promised myself that if the subject arose again that I would leave as it is impossible to focus on performing when you know that someone behind is not supporting you.

Well, at a recent rehearsal the drummer made it clear that he wanted to discuss the future direction of the band and the same things were brought up again. This time it included increasing the pressure on my son, the lead guitarist, who the rest of the band are fully aware has been struggling lately and doesn’t need any additional pressure. Well, the drummer made his case and this was supported by one of the other guitarists, we managed to get through a quick rehearsal and then we went home.

The next day I spoke with my son and explained my position, that I was going to leave and that it was entirely up to him what he did. It turns out he had already decided to leave too and I think he had found the whole confrontation the previous evening very difficult.

I emailed the rest of the band to explain that in light of the previous discussions we were both leaving. We decided to continue the acoustic outfit with one of the guitarists. I was not prepared to let the situation eat away at me, it could easily become a bitter situation and bad feelings serve very little purpose so I set about getting the new outfit up and running.

My son came up with the new name and so ‘The Sacred Woods’ were born. I got all the social media set up including a basic website, logo, email etc, I even managed to write some new songs around the current situation we found ourselves in and with inspiration from the new band name. I believe things happen for a reason, hopefully the acoustic outfit will be a more comfortable place for my son. It is hard starting from nothing again, at least I know that I have done it all for one band so I can do it again.

the sacred woods

It is a shame that we have parted ways. I always thought of the band as a family and that we would always do things to suit the needs of those in the band. But things change and people have different ideas about what they want out of the band and it is sometimes best to just step away and let them do their own thing. We managed 5 years so we had a good run.

Onwards and upwards, and do check out our website and give our Facebook page a like