It has been a month since my last post (sounds like a confessional), I don’t know how I missed the one at the beginning of September. We had various holiday activities that meant I was actually relaxing for a change and taking some time out with the family.

During the break I did set aside some thinking time to try and work out where I should be focusing my attention to ensure that all the creative projects I am working on have the best chance of being successful. Just before going on holiday I had a meeting with a Marketing Director who, through the University Of Central Lancashire, offers mentoring support to businesses and we discussed my creative projects and what would be an appropriate way to market them. Not surprisingly she found the array of stuff that I work on very confusing and could not see how it would be possible to market them all with sufficient focus while maintaining my current breadth of practice. Her advice was to spend some time over my holiday thinking about where I wanted to concentrate; to pick one of the projects to place some targeted marketing effort on. The thinking was, that by trying to keep all the projects going it was spreading me too thin and resulting in none of them really moving forward. This of course makes sense and I have written about it many times in the past. I guess the difference is this time I am being told by someone who really knows her stuff and I should take notice.

So, what did I decide?

My one area of practice which I believe has the most realistic chance of moving from a hobby activity to a full-time income provider, is my sound art focused on mental health. The work with The Blue Penguin Collective has many opportunities to make a real difference and it’s very rewarding. This is an area where the expertise of a marketing director will be invaluable in planning and directing my work to get maximum exposure and thereby make the biggest impact, and in turn make a real difference.

So, from here on I have decided that all activities need to be focused on The Blue Penguin Collective. If it does not add value in this area then I will stop focusing my attention on it (either reduce the activity or stop it all together).

I am planning to meet with the Marketing Director again and start working on a plan, in the mean time this blog will go down to a monthly activity; I have stopped doing The Ask Interviews; my weekly social media focus on The Ask has also been stopped and will be redirected into The Blue Penguin Collective.

We shall see what effect this has, it may not work but at least I will have given it the best possible chance of success.

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