Following on from the blog post a few months ago about the birth of our acoustic set-up in The Ask I thought it would be a good time to review progress.

In the initial blog I mentioned that we had a gig booked for the acoustic band in September and that we would try and do some open mics before hand just to check the set up. Well, as with most things, we just ran out of time and didn’t manage any live performances prior to the gig but we did get in plenty of rehearsals which meant we were confident of giving a good performance.

The day of the gig arrived and as usual I was a little nervous, in particular I was anxious about what the set up would be like at the venue as it is a small jazz/cocktail style bar. When we arrived I was very concerned about the small space that our guitarist was already setting up in (to be fair, it was all that was available) but we just cracked on and got on with the sound check. Needless to say, I need not have worried as the gig went really well. It was very intimate with the small crowd being very close in such a small venue but it made it very personal and we really enjoyed it.

The one thing you can’t do when playing acoustically in a tiny venue is hide behind any big electric wizardry, so it did feel very vulnerable and I was conscious of controlling my voice, you could hear absolutely everything.

Following on from our gig at the Jazz Emporium we managed to bag a slot playing the Preston Flag Market for The Big Issue North who were running a week long series of gigs across the North West raising money to support their work with the homeless. The weather was horrendous but the gig went great and we played a short 30mins set right in the centre of Preston. Once again I was very conscious of my voice, it stands out so much more in an acoustic gig but I think it went down really well.

We are looking forward to working on a stack of new covers that we have picked for the acoustic set and are hoping to get a few more gigs in before the end of the year.

A rather dodgy phone recording of part of a cover from the Preston Flag Market gig.